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The Rural Rebound phenomena is live and in color in Fergus Falls thanks to initiatives like the Otter Tail County Rural Rebound Initiative (RRI) and West Central Initiatives Live Wide Open campaign. Our region has experienced an uptick in the 30-49 year old demographic of residents who are not only returning to their rural roots but those who have never lived rurally making the decision to move to West Central Minnesota. GFF recently had the opportunity to assist one of those “rebounders” start-up a new social media consulting firm, Luna Mountain Marketing. 

Luna Mountain Marketing Founder Arrianna Velasco says “It’s so important to make social media a focus in your marketing plan. Everyone from baby boomers to millennials use the multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to find everything from new job opportunities, events, business services and so much more. Having someone who is familiar with these platforms who can help strategize to hit your target audience, improve business, and hopefully increase your bottom line. Keeping your business’s online presence authentic and true to brand is something I strive to do for my clients.”

Like many Fergus Falls natives, Velasco moved away after high school to broaden her horizons. While that time was well spent gaining life experience in Montana and California, her and her husband decided to return to her rural roots in Otter Tail County. In less than one year since her return, she’s established herself as a community ambassador and a business entrepreneur. 

In regard to the assistance she received, Velasco stated that “Greater Fergus Falls helped me determine the first steps to building my business. GFF went above and beyond to help provide technical and business services at no cost. As a young business entrepreneur, it can be a bit overwhelming to put your passion out into the world. Having the tools and guidance to navigate getting a new business off the ground was monumental. GFF provided the right amount of encouragement that a business like Luna Mountain could thrive in Fergus Falls.”

With extensive expertise in the hospitality industry, Velasco’s new marketing agency offers consulting in Social Media Marketing as well as Restaurant Consulting. Her tagline “Social with heart” showcases her passion for bringing creativity, joy, and authenticity to your online presence. To learn more about this new business visit or find them on social platforms by searching @lunamountainff.

Our mission at Greater Fergus Falls is to support and grow the areas business community. Retaining the excellent businesses and industries who call the Fergus Falls region their home. Revitalizing our local economy. Recruiting new entrepreneurs and innovators to take the leap with us.

Our vision at Greater Fergus Falls is to provide support to a vibrant business community through the removal of barriers for start-ups, expansions, and ensuring the continued health of existing businesses in our area.  Our staff and Board of Directors are dedicated to working alongside businesses, advocating aggressively for their success.